Wednesday, February 3, 2021

European Citizens Must Unite To Stop Finning!

 Back in 2007 a group of NGOs from all over Europe got together under the banner of The Shark Alliance and started talks with the EU fisheries commission to close all the loopholes in the 2003 shark finning ban regulations. That year, The Shark Alliance presented over 20,000 signatures to the EU Commission asking for better regulations. 

In 2008, we continued to campaign for better Shark regulations and a total stop to shark finning. We also presented over 100,000 signatures to the EU commission.

In 2009 the EU Fisheries Commissioner released the "Plan of Action for Sharks". This was the first sign that the EU was listening to what the people wanted.

In 2010, the proposal for the ending of all finning at sea was made and this was endorsed by the Council of Ministers.

In 2011, Shark Alliance members meet and proposed the "Fins Naturally Attached - With No Exceptions" campaign.

In Spring of 2012 Parliament’s Environment Committee endorsed the proposal but Fisheries committee had some opposition. The debates were lengthy but finally, in November 2012, the European Parliament voted 566 to 47 in favour of ensuring that all sharks are landed fins naturally attached without exception. The amendments we supported were passed and those we opposed were soundly defeated. The road to victory was a hard one, but at the end, after 6 long years, we did it!

As it stands now, since 2012, the so-called “Fins Naturally Attached” regulation of the European Union prohibits without exception the storage, transhipment and landing of all shark fins in EU waters and on all EU ships. The fins must remain naturally attached to the carcass when the ship is unloaded in port. The fins can then be separated from the animal and exported to Asia.

It is now time to take further action. As of 2012, EU citizens have had the right to apply directly to the European Commission.  The Stop Finning EU Organization has initiated the European Citizens’ Initiative in order to propose a concrete legislative amendment, a total ban on the shark finning trade! To do this, your support is needed. If you are a European citizen, click here and vote now


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