Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Tide is Turning

I have always been an optimist in my life. After yesterday's blog, I feel I must also post a positive note.

A lot has happened since I first got involved in the shark finning issue way back in the early 90's. I remember one of our first victories was when we convinced Singapore Airlines to stop serving Shark Fin Soup. Some months later it was the turn of  Thai Airways to oblige. Progress was slow but we were getting to the people.

Things took a huge boost forward when together, the Internet based Shark Group and the Let Sharks Live Network, we declared "2009 the International Year Of The Shark". A total of 68 World wide Organizations, Groups and Clubs joined forces in this project.

The following excellent video produced by Bloom and the Hong Kong Shark Foundation shows exactly how the Tide is Turning. 

Yes the tide is turning and we can all play a major part in it. Say NO to Shark Fin Soup and spread the word.

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Ila France Porcher said...

Thanks for this encouraging reminder. Its true that things have changed dramatically in the past decade compared with the way things were, when we felt like voices crying in the wilderness. Public opinion has swung dramatically in favour of sharks and their protection, in a way echoing the way wolves went from being hated to being loved and appreciated at the end of the last century. Its good to step back and see that, especially when the latest news of sharks and rays being slaughtered comes in.