Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Great Fiji Shark Count

During the month of April. those of you that are in, or find your way to, Fiji, are invited to participate in the first ever GREAT FIJI SHARK COUNT. Whether you are a Tourist or a Local, Snorkler or Diver,  you can be part of this nation wide research project and assist in collecting valuable data about Fiji's underwater biodiversity.

The aim of this project is to collect data about Sharks, Rays and Turtles from all over Fiji. This will provide valuable information about the distribution and abundance of these species. The results will also help in designing better ways to protect Sharks. Being the first survey of its kind, this will also be the Baseline for future surveys.

Participating is very easy. Ask any of the Dive Operators or Holiday Resorts to see if they are participating. You can also contact the Organizers directly. Register your participation on their website at The Great Fiji Shark Count. Survey materials and posters are already available on the site for viewing.

The Organizers are:
Fiji Department of Fisheries and Forests
Marine Ecology Consulting
Shark Reef Marine Reserve
Save Our Seas Foundation
The Shark Foundation
Shark Savers
Ocean Soaps

So, for those of you still planing a diving holiday, Fiji is one of the best diving destinations in the World. I can guarantee that the dives you make there will rank among the best you ever make. So why not take this opportunity and take a well deserved holiday whilst helping to save our Sharks.


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