Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A True Nightmare.

Who could have said that today,
our life would change this way,
and no matter what we can try,
we are surely about to die.

It started a few moments ago,
and why it happened we do not know,
as we were peacefully patrolling the sea,
my hundred friends and me.

Our swimming path was blocked,
and in a trap we were all caught,
as from the ship fell a huge net,
which we knew would mean our death.

We had seen these nets before,
and we all knew what was in store,
for friends of ours had died this way,
and now this was our final day.

As the nets closed compressing us tight,
we all tried uselessly to put up a fight,
and as we were lifted out of our sea,
panic engulfed my friends and me.

On the ship’s deck we were released,
and we saw humans grinning with greed,
as one by one they took us away,
for on this ship we would not stay.

And as they pinned us to the floor,
we each felt pain like never before,
as our fins and tails were cut off with a knife,
and our mutilated body thrown back to sea alive.

As now we cannot swim anymore,
and slowly drop to the ocean floor,
our imminent death is so very near,
and for our species extinction we fear.

15th Jan. 1999

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